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Riddhi India

I suffered from anxiety, sadness and insomnia. This was because of side effect of some painkiller medicines I used to take. Because of this condition the life of all my loved ones was also disturbed, they tried everything to mitigate these withdrawal symptoms, but it only got worse day by day. As suggested by a close family relative we contacted Dr. Ritu Bharadwaj and took her treatment, only after that I started to get some sleep and positivity in life. Now that I am totally back to normal, I would like to thank her for treating me patiently with her wonderful treatment.


I don't know how to thank Dr. Ritu for curing my psoriasis. I suffered from this skin condition for almost 10 years, and now it's completely cured. If you have psoriasis, then do not think twice and get started with Dr. Ritu's treatment ASAP.

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