THE THREE DOSHAS central to the philosophy of Ayurveda is the belief that we are composed of three vital energies, known as the doshas. Each of us is born with an individual constitution. Our constitution is determined by the state of our parents' doshas at the time of conception and other factors. Each of us born in the prakruthi state, which means that we are born with levels of the three doshas that are right for us. The best defence against illness is a strong constitution. If our doshas become imbalanced, through bad habits, food, or overwork, for example, we become susceptible to illness. Ayurveda helps to prevent the development of disease by working with the constitution of the individual, aiming to restore it to its prakruthi state.

What are Doshas?

Each of us has a unique constitution, which is determined by the balance of vital energies in the body - three doshas or tridosha. The three doshas are known by their Sanskrit names of vata, pitta and kapha. Everyone's constitution is governed by all three doshas in varying degrees, but most of us are also governed by one or possibly two dominant doshas.

A healthy constitution

The best defence against illness is a good constitution. If our bodies are functioning well, diseases unlikely but when the constitution is weakened we become susceptible to illness. Ayurveda aims to prevent disease, working with the individual constitution.

There are Three Stages of Body Constitution & Diet

  1. Know your Body Constitution
  2. Ayurvedic Diet according to Body Constitution
  3. Ayurvedic Diet according to Season

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