We feel great pleasure to introduce ourselves to the world and share the ayurvedic heritage with the world through this website.

Ayurveda-the science of life has its roots in antiquity and has been practiced in India for Centuries. To continue with the tradition of Ayurvedic treatment.

We at "Family Care Clinic" cure patients with Natural Organic herbs and nutritve diets to cure the problems from root .

"Family Care Clinic" was established in 1980 and since 32 years it has cured thousands of patients through ayurvedic herbal remedies. The only goal of our clinic is to bring smile on the patients face and to provide safe, effective & affordable ayurvedic treatment to the patients around the world. The team of physicians serving at Family Care Clinic are highly educated and efficient. Their profound and enormous knowledge of Ayurveda has made Family Care Clinic one of the most reliable and successful clinic of the town, treating large number of patients in India and abroad. At Family Care Clinic we have come across many cases which were complicated due to indiscriminate use of allopathic drugs but we are happy to announce that we were successful in curing all cases. Modern medicines have harmful side effects but ayurvedic treatment do not as a rule have any side effects but they have their own properties. Everything in nature has relevance for medicine and that is why Family Care Clinic has collected a fund of data of therapeutic effects of all kind of natural substances on different diseases and this natural substances are then used to cure diseases.Along with the medicines their is also Massage Center,Trans meditation Center,and Yoga center at "Family Care Clinic".

The Clinic was registered under the license act of medical science of Govt. Organization of India. Apart from this our chief Physician  Dr. Ritu Bhardwaj has been honoured by Health minister for “Authentically N successfully promoting ayurveda globally in very pure, and pious way “ during  World Ayurvedic conference of Gujarat Chapter.

For proper results and cure of disease herbs QUALITY is our main concern. Yes, our medicines are fresh, since our medicines are being prepared and extracted from and applied with the raw materials provided by the Ayurvedic companies which follow and Use FDA approved product raw material with GMP certification.If you are suffering from DISEASE and want safe and effective herbal medicines. Please fill form for Doctor's online consultation.

FAMILY CARE CLINIC is a major force in health care, growing at a spectacular rate with New health clinics with expert Ayurvedic doctors providing and serving people with healing treatments, lifestyle management programmes, Ayurveda Medicines and new cures.


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