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Herbal Slimming Capsules
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Herbal Slimming Capsules

Do below mentioned symptoms worry you?

  • In ability to work
  • Difficulty in breathing, fast exertion
  • Weakness, laziness
  • Excessive expansion or distention of abdomen
  • Lack of sexual power
  • Excessive body fat
  • Various cardiac problems

Discover 100% natural herbal remedy for this and bring a new color to your life by using our slimming capsules. They are potent, effective and reliable.

Take one capsule 2 times a day.

Quantity: 1 Bottle - 60 Capsules


  • Terminal Chebula
  • Terminalla Bellerica
  • Embilica Officinalis
  • Commiphora Mukul

This programme helps is safe and permanent weight reduction.

DOSAGES: 1 capsules twice a day.


  1. Terminal Chebula: Digestive chlonerhelic, increases B.M.R., hunger suppresant, reduce fat deposits, remove toxins from our body.
  2. Terminalla Bellerica: Antthelmentic, relieves flatulence and above increases B.M.R.& fastens weight reduction process .
  3. Embilica Officinalis: Liver stimulant cleanser, maintain PH level and helps in fat reduction process, improves nutrition naturally.
  4. Commiphora Mukul: Removes plaque deposits in the body and promotes circulation as well as it helps to stop the building of fat deposits.

This whole Combination

  • helps to reduce fat
  • discourage building of fat reserves .i.e. urea and glucose
  • it is safe enough to be taken by teenagers and adults.

Each bottle contains 60 Capsules.


I regularly use Slimming Capsules product of Family Care Clinic. I was very tired using chemical based products without any positive results but by using this herbal products I could see amazing results . .The quality of products are good . It helped to heal n increase my body immunity n resistance power too . I am well satisfied with products of Family Care Clinic. Thanks and God bless