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Diabetes Care Capsules
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Diabetes Care Capsules

Diabetes Mellitus is considered an Auto-Immune problem can it be controlled by natural immuno modulators !! Diabetes care capsule a natural treatment to control blood sugar through Sugar Hydrolysing Action.

  • Improve utilization of Hepatic Muscle Glycogen.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar & Urine Sugar.
  • Increases peripheral utilization of Glucose
  • Provides relief in associated melabolic diseases and urinary disorders.
  • Reduces Hypoglycemia in Niddm Patients.
  • Aduvent therapy for IIDM Patients.


  • Diabetic patients
  • General debility.
  • Antioxidant
  • Rejuvenation
  • Vitaliser

DOSE:2 capsules two times a day before meals


  • Amalki 80 mg.
  • Jambu 80 mg.
  • Kariyatu 40 mg.
  • Lodhra 40 mg.
  • Haridra 60 mg.
  • Nimb 80 mg.
  • Guduchi 80 mg.
  • Karvellak 40 mg.

Amalki (Embilica Officinalis) :-

Is a rejuvntin tonic and action is attributed to NATURAL Vitamic C. It is used in scurvy and as a tonic. Amla is used in liver diseases including in diabetes often combined with turmeric. Amla potentiates the action of adrenalin in vitro and vivo. Ascorbic acid is essential for the functional integrity as sulfhydryl group of enzymes and also for the formation of collagen and inter cellular matric and hence for the development of cartilage, bones and teeth and for healing of wounds. It improves blood picture also.

Jambu (Eugenia Jambolana): -

Astringent, reduces blood and urine sugar.

Lodhra (Symplocos Racemosa) :-

Mild astringent and cooling. It is used to promote resolution of inflmmation if masses and exudates, and in menorrhagia due to relaxation of uterine tissues.

Harindra (Curcuma Longa ) :-

Check skin eruption and brings glow

Nimba (melia Azadirachta) :-

A powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and acts in almost all types of skin disorders

GUduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) :-

Tonic and alterative, digestive and soothing of the entire system. Given in dyspepsia and debility caused by the repeated altacks of the liver. It is nutritious used in general weakness & debility.

Karvellak (Momordia Charantia): -

Karela is a time tested antidiabetic drug used from many centuries. In modern medical science many clinical trials have been conducted showing the efficacy of karela to reduce glucose level both in blood as well as urine.



DOSE:To Begin With, 2 Capsules twice to thrice in a day. Once the blood sugar is under controll the dose can be reduced to one capsule once in a day.

Each bottle contains 100 capsules