Herbal Treatment for Urticaria(Shitapitta)

Ulticuria is a recurrent transient cutaneous swellings and erythema,sometimes caused by an allergy but often mediated by non-allergic methods.

Causes And Symptoms of Ulticuria

Physical allergens are cold,heat and sun.Inherited allergens are hyper sensitivity and hereditary anguioedema.Pharmacological allergens include drugs,food,inhalants,pollens and animal dander.Besides this miscellaneous allergens like intestinal parasites, pregnancy, diabetes and hyper thyroidism.Lastly, there may be idiopathic allergy also.

Raised red and white patches occur in parts or over the whole surface of the body and are accompanied by severe itching and irritation.

Modern medicine believes allergy to be the causative factor of urticuria,but the real reason is the aggravation of kapha and vata in conjunction with vitiation of pitta.

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