Ayurvedic Treatment & Medicines for Ulcer Of The Stomach (Grahani)

The term peptic ulcer is a general term applied to all ulcers in the stomach.Only those persons who are affected with a vatika type of constitution are prone to getting ulcers of the stomach.Aggravation of the vata dosha in the body gives rise to ulcers either in the stomach of the duodenum.

Causes And Symptoms of Ulcer

The common causes of peptic ulcers are smoking,stress,tension,spicy food,hereditary,alcohol and infection.

Ulcers may be truly a symptomatic or may cause mild discomfort or severe abdominal pain.Most common symptom is localized epigastric pain.The ulcer results in gradual weight loss due to impairment of digestion and defective absorption of food.Pain makes the patient irritable.Sometimes the ulcer may bleed and mix with the stools or in severe cases,the blood may come through the mouth.

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