Psoriasis (Eka Kushta)

Psoriasis is a disease of the skin in which raised,rough,red areas appear,covered with fine silvery scales.

Causes And Symptoms of Psoriasis

Genetic predisposition is a common common factor in the etiology of psoriasis. Environmental factors also contribute in its attack. Trauma,sunlight ,infection, emotional stress, climatic changes may precipitate relapses. Patient with AIDS often present with severe psoriasis. In some persons, psoriasis appears repeatedly at a particular season, especially in spring and autumn, but it is not infectious.

The eruption always appear first round the back of elbow and the front of the knees.It begins as small pimples,each covered with a white cap of scale,which enlarge in breadth till they form patches.At the same time,patches appear on other parts of the body especially the scalp and the face.

AYURVEDA believes that impurities in the blood associated with emotional factors are the cause of the disease.

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