Ayurvedic Treatment and Natural Remedies for Paralysis

Paralysis are of different types partial,total,paralysis in grown ups and children.Paralysis or palsy means loss of muscular power due to some problem in the Nervous System.Various technical names are given to various forms of the disease.Hemiplegia is applied to paralysis affecting one part of the face along with the corresponding arm and leg.Diplegia means total paralysis.Monoplegia is the paralysis of single limb.Paraplegia means paralysis of both sides.In Ayurveda Paralysis is mainly due to imbalance of VATTA.

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I had the problem of paralysis due to which I was unable to move. The paralysis had affected my left side of the body. My family was very much worried about me. So, they contacted Family Care Clinic in India. For herbal medicines and treatment. I took her treatment and followed all the instructions given by her. Now I have improved a lot and feel much better. I am thankful to Family Care Clinic for all the help.




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