Natural Remedies for Leucorrhoea (Shweta Pradara)

Leucorrhoea is a condition in which there is a whitish discharge from the vagina.It may be thick,viscid and foul smelling.

Causes And Symptoms of Leucorrhoea

The most common causes are vaginal infection and hormonal and metabolic disorders.AYURVEDA considers that leucorrhoea is caused by the vitiation of kapha.It occurs mainly among weak,emaciated and anaemic women.It can also be due to inflammation of the womb following child birth,displacement of the uterus or gonorrhoea.Among young females it may be due to thread worms,infection and lack of cleanliness.Along with the whitish discharge there is a weakness as well as pain in the lumbar region and the calves.In chronic form leucorrhoea causes irritability.The patient develops black patches under the eyes.

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