Insomnia Disease Information & Treatment

Insomnia is a condition in which patient suffers from sleeplessness, annoyance and depression.When it becomes a habit it may pose a serious menace to health.

Insomnia Causes Symptoms of Insomnia

Insomnia may be due to a variety of causes like Tension,Depression and Stress.In temporary casesof sleeplessness the affected person suffers from disturbed nights now and then, the cause is usually to be sought in some external source of irritation slight degree of pain ,uncomfortable surroundingssuch as insufficient covering in winter or a hot night without a fan ,an overfull stomach causing discomfort , or a nagging worry may prevent the brain from attaining the degree of relaxation which is a prerequisite of sleep.Fever infection or nervous weakness may also cause loss of sleep.

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I was suffering from problem of severe insomnia I could not sleep for days and this used to make me annoyed and depressed. Slowly and gradually it was affecting my health very badly. I got reference of Herbal Clinics while surfing on net. The details mentioned were quite impressive. I decided to take the treatment as it was purely herbal and the doctors at Herbal Clinics advised that there would be no side effects with them. The medicines helped me a lot and now I feel so good after the problem of insomnia is over now. Thanks to Dr. Ritu and Family Care Clinic for helping me.





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