Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout Pain(Vatarakta)

Gout, according to ayurveda is disorder of the metabolism which has afflicted mankind since the dawn of recorded history. This disorder is associated with the presence of large amount of uric acid in the blood, causing inflammation of the joints. The amount of uric acid found in patients suffering is always above the normal level that is more than 0.5 mg/100 ml.

Gout Pain Causes And Symptoms

In 50 to 80 percent cases, family history is present. It attacks sedentary people more readily than the active people, Inadequate exercise, rich diet and animal foods and alcohol are important precipitating factors. An attack of gout may appear without warning or there may be premonitory symptoms like flatulence, uneasiness, irritation in the urinary organs, numbness and coldness in the limbs.At midnight the patients is awakened by a painful feeling in the foot. The pain is untolerable the big toe is generally inflamed and is of big red colour. The patients is extremely uncomfortable during the attack which is followed by dyspepsia, thirst, constipation and crams in the limbs. According to ayurveda the disease is the result of vitiation of vata.

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