Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach is a troublesome condition which eventually gives rise to many life threatening complications,if not treated in time.

Causes And Symptoms of Gastritis

The most common cause of gastritis is overeating and excessive intake of alcohol.Infections like influenza,food poisoning,toxins of gout and swallowing of acids and alkalis also give rise to gastritis.Constipation tends to aggravate the condition more than any other disorder.

The chief symptoms are :- Loss of appetite,nausea,headache and giddiness.There is also a general feeling of discomfort in the stomach, sour eructation's and frequent vomiting.If the disease becomes chronic,it may lead to anaemia and consequently emaciation.

According to AYURVEDA the disease is caused by vitiation of pitta.If you are suffering from GASTRITIS and want safe and effective herbal medicines. Please fill below form for Doctor's online consultation.


I was suffering from chronic constipation , Gastrities & poor digestion & foul smell from mouth so I contacted Family Care Clinic ,.Although I am relatively young &Healthy these problems were stopping me from leading a normal life. Dr. Ritu Bhardwaj had taken time , care and attention to fully understand the problem & treat accordingly. The herbal treatment has fully controlled the problem & now life is quite healthy & normal. Apart from treatment she has provided me general life style advice and YOGA tips too which is really great.

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