Ayurvedic Treatment for Eczema (Vicharchika)

Eczema,in Ayuveda is a superficial disease of the skin and is of an inflammatory nature.It is more often known as dermatitis or inflammation of the skin.

Eczema Causes And Symptoms

The disease may be genetic in origin.Young adults of both the sexes are usually affected.It is more common in summers.

According to the symptoms it can be classified in three main types-acute,subacute and chronic.All the three phases may coexist simultaneously.

Acute:Redness and swallowing usually with an ill-defined border.Papules,large blisters,vesicles and scaling is seen.

Subacute:Redness and crusting are present without the extreme swelling.

Chronic:Less vesicular, more scaly,skin pigmented and thickened and with fissures.

According to Ayurveda,eczema is a minor form of leprosy and is caused by the aggravation of kapha in addition to vata and pitta.

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I was suffering from eczema since many years and always with it the itchy condition was terrible.In spite of taking all the therapies condition just worsen up and their was no hope that it will get cured.Then I contacted Family Care Clinic & started herbs & diet management under the supervision of doctor.At last my skin has improved a lot , allergic reaction have subsided.Dark spots are vanishing I feel very good Eczema is cured.

Thank you very much.

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