Herbal Treatment for Dysuria (Mturakrichha)

Dysuria is a condition in which urine is expelled painfully and in small amounts every time.

Causes And Symptoms of Dysuria

A patient suffering from dysuria may always feel the urge to urinate,but may not be able to get satisfaction from the act of urination.The feeling of relief is always missing in a patient suffering from dysuria.

The four main causes of dysuria according to allopathy are inflammation of the bladder,inflammation of the urethra,venereal diseases and sometimes an enlarged prostrate gland.AYURVEDA recognizes eight types of dysuria.The cardinal symptoms of dysuria are scanty urine,pain during the act of urination, pain in the penis in men and in the lower abdomen in women,urine mixed with blood,feeling of heaviness in the renal region and the scrotum and the ever present urge to pass urine.

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