An abnormal sac or closed cavity lined with epithelium and filled with liquid or semisolid matter is called CYST.There are many varieties of cysts occurring in different parts of the body.Its can be throat, mouth,stomach,intestine, uterus…….etc……in any part of the body and it can obstruct the functioning of that part of the body creating various complications. Some cysts are congenital, due to abnormal embryonic development; for example, dermoid cysts. Others are tumors containing cells that secret mucus or other substances, and in the body.In such cases the cysts are usually surgically removed but they can be dissolved safely by herbs also without creating complications

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I was suffering from chronic tonsilits problem ,Cyst and recurrent throat infections since many years. Then i approached Dr.Ritu through her website .Thanks to her that now my problem is permanently cured and i am free from this irritating problem thanks to Dr.Ritu and family care clinic . Thanks to Family care clinic




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