Bronchits (Shwasa Pranali Shoth)

Bronchitis is characterized by inflammation of the bronchial tubes which carry air to the lungs.This disease is common in cold climate but may strike anywhere.Risk of this disease is more in allergic patients.

Causes And Symptoms of Bronchits

Smoking,dusty conditions,cold atmosphere,wrong feeding habits and high intake of white bread,meat,sugar,porridge etc. especially in winter,results in clogging of bronchial tubes.

There is inflammation of mucous membrane of the bronchi to which phlegm adheres,and there is difficulty in expelling it.Due to viscid phlegm there is difficulty in breathing and the lungs are starved of air.In its acute form,bronchitis may result in high temperature,breathlessness and loss of appetite.

In Ayurveda ascribes it to impairment of the digestive processes,and the remedies selected are those which help to restore the digestive balance too.

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I was suffering from Asthma since many year . Due to this I used to suffer from Breathlessness . Being a stockbroker I was not able to enter the ring, even at night due to breathing problem I was not able to sleep properly. Then I was consulted at Family Care Clinic and result where marvellous. My asthma got totally cured . I do not get the breathing difficulties any more and I am able to sleep peacefully at night .

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