Bronchial (Tomaka shvasa)

Bronchial asthma is on the rise today due to increasing levels of pollution and the stressful lifestyle of the people.

Causes And Symptoms of Bronchits

Bronchial asthma originate from affliction of the stomach and the gastro intestinal track.So before the onset of the disease patient complaint of indigestion,constipation on diarrhoea.The attack of asthma can be sudden due to sensitivity of the patient to certain substances like pollen,dust,perfume and certain allergic foods.Asthma causes difficulty in breathing,sense of tightness,constriction around the chest,whistling sound while breathing and difficulty in inspiration and expiration.The attack of asthma comes on early morning.The patient suddenly wakes up due to difficulty in breathing.He may rush to open the window.The attack may last for few hours or few days.

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I was suffering from Asthma since many year . Due to this I used to suffer from Breathlessness . Being a stockbroker I was not able to enter the ring, even at night due to breathing problem I was not able to sleep properly. Then I was consulted at Family Care Clinic and result where marvellous. My asthma got totally cured . I do not get the breathing difficulties any more and I am able to sleep peacefully at night . Thanks for changing my life.

Pradeep Kula



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